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Updated Health and Safety Plan – Vancouver Montessori School
Effective: October 2021 (subject to change as per Ministry mandates)
Vancouver Montessori School has been working with the wonderful guidance of FISA regarding the mandates and protocols for schools (As formulated by the Minister of Health, Minister of Education and Worksafe BC.) The safety of the children, staff and families are our top priority. Protocols will update as required.

Mandatory masks for staff, Kindergarten (Extended Day) to year 7 students and all visitors.

The school will provide masks upon request and are strongly supported for all.

Cleaning/sanitizing of all common areas 2x a day.

No crowding in hallway.

Ceiling fans and air purifiers in all classrooms (windows open when possible).

Mental Health support.  Click on Helpful links and go to ERASE.

Respectful distancing encouraged.

Vaccination is strongly supported.

Arrivals – Staggered- Safety Patrol out front to direct children and parents
8:20 – 8:30 • Rooms 1 and 2 preschool enter by walkway doors enter via parking lot
8:20 – 8:30 • Rooms 3 and 8 preschool enter by back playground
8:35 – 8:45 • Rooms 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11
Drop off in front of school and students line up to enter school
Students go directly to classrooms on their own, no hand shaking

12:50-1:00 -Room 2 preschool arrive by walkway.
•Hand washing immediately in class directed by teaching assistant and before and after lunch

– Windows/doors open when possible; air purifiers for ventilation
– Groupings outside when possible
– No food sharing
– Personal water bottles labeled with names
– Lunches – bring cloth placemats for hot lunch and home-made lunch. All items are returned
home for cleaning and recycling

-Classes cleaned daily.

Dismissal with Teacher/Assistant 

11:30 – Preschool Rooms 1+.2 at walkway

-3.& 8 at play ground gate

3:00 – Rooms 3 and 8 Ext. Day at playground gate

3:15 – Rooms 4, 5 and 6 at gate

3:30 – Room 11 Front of school
Room 9 and 7 at back gate

4:00 – PM Preschool at back gate

• Staff and children are expected to stay home if unwell
• Child will be isolated from class if they become ill at school and parents will be called for immediate     pickup of child
• Parents will keep handy their form for daily wellness checking and inform office of absenteeism

Common Areas
· Bathrooms – cleaned by custodian during the day
· Entry doors and handles – cleaned by custodian during the day
4 PM Halls and Bathrooms – · Cleaning company arrives to clean and sanitize common areas

Bus -assigned seating (loading back to front unloading front to back)
– Field trips are limited TBA
– PE – outside in good weather, and back to our local gym in October

Parents/Visitors-Masks required

• Email or phone for information
• Business with office:   Sign in, wellness check, hand hygiene, stay behind office plexi-glass barriers
New “tours”, observations, meetings are done by appointment with above protocols

– Sign in, masking, hand washing/ No hand shaking
– No office admittance – Plexi barricade
-Photocopying left at front on bookcase with class number and number of copies/o Request for supplies and child’s file to front counter
– Coffee/water/re fridge and microwave in kitchen area disinfect after use.

– Bathroom – hand wash before and after – clean taps, door knobs, etc.

-Limited staff room usage

-All staff sign out with hand sanitizing