Pandemic Protocols


As per updated protocols, all upper elementary students are now required to wear masks indoors (except when behind a barrier or eating).   If a child is unable to tolerate wearing a mask, we request a letter stating this. Mask wearing for lower elementary and preschool students remains a choice. All staff continue to wear a mask except when eating or behind a barrier.

We appreciate all efforts to support no group gatherings and food sharing in school and on the school property.

A reminder to Parents: while picking up/dropping off children please keep a 2-meter distance and wear a mask.

A New Daily Health Assessment Form is required for families to keep at home for daily wellness checking.

Vancouver Montessori School Updated Health and Safety Plan

Effective: Immediately (subject to change)

Vancouver Montessori School has been working on the restart with the wonderful guidance of FISA regarding the mandates and protocols for schools (As formulated by the Minister of Health, Minister of Education and Worksafe BC.) It has been a year like no other! We are pleased to present our updated brief on our school safety plan. The safety of the children, staff and families are our top priority.

Arrivals – Staggered

No parents in school unless previously arranged. Parents are to physical distance outside AND masks are strongly recommended. The school will provide masks upon request.

Safety Patrol out front to direct children and parents
8:15 – 8:30      • Rooms 1 and 2 preschool enter by walkway doors
following designated lines
8:15 – 8:30      • Rooms 3 and 8 preschool enter by back playground
following designated lines
8:35 – 8:45      • Rooms 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 11
Drop off in front of school and students line up to enter school
• Students go directly to classrooms
o Physical distance
o Hand washing immediately in class Directed by teaching assistant

• Minimal shelving/furniture removed
• Preschool tables with assigned seating, small groupings
• Elementary tables with plexi barriers and assigned seating
• Hand washing
o On arrival
o Before and after lunch
o Before and after leaving classroom
• Clean common areas 2 times a day at break and end of day – door knobs,     jams, lights, etc.
• Plexi barriers cleaned with soap and water
• Windows/doors open when possible
• Groupings outside when possible
• No food sharing
• Personal water bottles labeled with names
• Lunches – cloth placemats for hot lunch and home-made lunch. All items   are returned
• home for cleaning and recycling
• Learning groups/classes in cohorts (no crossing)
• No “hall” wanderings/working

Physical distancing and masks if crossing cohort
No interaction with other groups


Preschool AM Rooms 1 and 8 cohorts – Extended day kindergarten go to Room 8
Preschool AM Rooms 2 and 3 cohorts –Extended day kindergarten go to Room 3
• Up to 20 children and 2 adults per class
Elementary Rooms 4 and 5 – outside play cohort, otherwise separate learning group (class) – up to 24 children and 2 adults in each class.
Elementary Room 6 – cohort outside play on own, 24 children and 2 adults in class
Elementary Room 7 – 7th year students -with both \Dana and |Rob teaching with 2 assistants.
Elementary Room 9 cohort – 24 children and 1 teacher and 1 assistant. Dana teaches in both rooms 9 and 7.
Elementary Room 11 cohort – 22 children and 2 teachers – Rob teaches in both room 11 and room 7.
Outside play at the park:
-Room 7 and 11 outside cohort
-Room 9 outside cohort

Elementary/PE/Outside Playground/Park
• Dave, Yatkara, Jocelyn
• Adults supervise with physical distance and with masks
• Outside under cover area or playground (switching half time) Rooms 4, 5 – 12:00 – 12:30
• Room 6 12:30-1:00.
• Assistant/teacher with classes
• At the Park – Room 9 cohort plus room 11, 7 cohort- 12:30 – 1:00. Play in separate areas of the park

Extended Day/Outside Room 8 plus Room 3
• 11:30 – 12:00
• with Teacher (Cohort)
• divide playground and split areas
• Room 1 and Room 8
• Room 2 and Room 3

French – Teaches with physical distance/ mask

Dismissal with Teacher/Assistant
11:30 – Preschool Rooms 1 and 2 at walkway
Preschool Rooms 3 and 8 at gate
(line up in cohorts while physical distancing)

3:00 – Rooms 3 and 8 at gate
(line up in Cohort while physical distancing)

3:15 – Rooms 4, 5 and 6 at gate
(line up in cohorts while physical distancing)

3:30 – Room 11 Front of school

Room 9 and 7 at back gate
(line up in cohorts while physical distancing)


• Staff and children are expected to stay home if unwell
• A return to school is expected after 24 hours of wellness
• Child will be isolated from cohort if it becomes ill at school and parents will be called for immediate pickup of child
• If symptoms of Covid are present, call 811 for instructions/ inform the school of the results
• In some incidences a doctor’s note may be requested
• Parents will hand in a form for wellness checking at the beginning of the year
• Parents will inform the office of any absenteeism and the nature of the illness
• The school will place ‘substitute’ teachers within their cohorts


• Sign in, hand washing, mask required except when alone at workstation
• If changing cohort/room – mask and hand wash before and after
• No hand shaking
• Keep within your cohorts only
• No office admittance – Plexi barricade
o Photocopying left at front on bookcase with class number and number of copies
o Request for supplies to front counter
o Child’s file by request
• Coffee/water/refrigerator in kitchen area not in use
o Microwave available, disinfect after use
o Eat in classroom or outside (physical distancing), if possible
o No more than 2 eating in kitchen/staff room at a time (physical distancing)
• All staff sign out with hand washing
o No leaving school (before 4 on flex afternoon – work in classroom)
• Staff meetings – masks/shields, physical distancing
• Bathroom – hand wash before and after – clean taps, door knobs, etc.
• Use room 10 for AM Elementary staff meetings, use 2 tables with physical distancing (no more meeting in Room 11)

Common Areas
• Bathrooms – cleaned by custodian during the day
• Entry doors and handles – cleaned by custodian during the day
• Elementary Library is now in Room 7 – accessed by Room 7 teachers only
Other teachers can request books
• Preschool has bathroom doors and sinks marked by classroom
Assistant accompanies child to bathroom
4 PM Halls and Bathrooms
• Cleaning company arrives to clean and sterilize common areas
Bus (No Bus use at this time)
• Field trips are on hold for review
• PE – outside in cohorts
• Bus driver if out of cohort wears a mask (no bus use at this time)
• Children load back to front and leave front to back (with assigned seating)
• Masks are strongly recommended and are available on request

Parents – Do not enter school
• Email or phone for information
• Business with office – wait outside-wearing a mask
Sign in, Hand hygiene Physical distancing
Stay behind office plexi-glass barriers
New “tours” are done by appointment with above protocols

New Parents
• Communication by phone/email. (no on-site gatherings)
• Interviews with parent and child held outside school hours.
o Physical distancing
o Masks

Stage 3 Hybrid As Ministry Directs
• Cohorts of 30
• 50% density
• Elementary 2 full days each student – Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, Friday
• Stay in classroom
o Elementary 4 – 24 children and 2 teachers will change to 12 children and 2 teachers
o Elementary 5 – 24 children and 2 teachers will change to 12 children and 2 teachers
o Elementary 6 – 24 children and 2 teachers will change to 12 children and 2 teachers
o Elementary 9 – 23 children and 2 teachers will change to 12 children and 2 teachers plus 6 children in Room 7
o Elementary 11 – 23 children and 2 teachers will change to 12 children and 2 teachers plus 6 children in Room 7
o Preschool Rooms 1, 2, 3, 8 with 20 children and 2 teachers
o Kindergarten children stays with AM preschool only
• Zoom on Monday

Stage 4 Hybrid As Ministry Directs -As above with 25% density